Deciding On A Nursing Home Vs Assisted Living Community

There are several things to consider when deciding on a care plan for someone. Some people will do best with assisted living services, while a nursing home may be the best option for other people.  Here is an overview of the pros and cons of each living situation.

Nursing home vs Assisted living

Nursing home benefits
Nursing homes are ideal for seniors who have difficulty taking care of themselves. Seniors with health problems or those who have difficulty going to the bathroom alone will find that a nursing home may be the ideal living situation for them.  Doctors and registered nurses run nursing homes. The nurses in these facilities are trained to administer medication to people who need it and help people with any problems they have 24-hours a day. Non-elderly people who have been in an accident and need assistance with their daily activities also live in nursing homes.

Assisted living benefits
Seniors who live in assisted living communities have more independence than people who live in a nursing home. They can usually plan their day and they are only offered assistance when they request to be helped. This situation is ideal for seniors who are in good health, but can benefit from having someone always around in case they need help. This living situation provides a safety net for seniors who do not live with family, and would feel better having someone there if they need help any time of day or night.

Choosing a nursing home
When you are looking for a nursing home, you should first ask friends and family members for their recommendations.  If friends or family members have relatives in nursing homes, they can provide you with valuable information on nursing homes in your local area. When you make a list of the nursing homes that interests you, you should go online and view their websites.  Compare the nursing homes side by side to see which one has the most benefits for their residents. When you have narrowed down your list, you should contact each nursing home and ask them any additional questions you have about their company.

You should also set up an appointment to tour the facility. When you tour the facility, you should pay attention to your surroundings. You should watch how the residents are being treated. You should also casually speak to the residents. If several of the residents are upset, you should remove the nursing home from the list and contact your next choice. You should also check the public health department board in your state to make sure the nursing home does not have any complaints against it.

Choosing an assisted living community
When you are choosing an assistant living community, you should investigate the credentials of the people who work at the assisted living community. Residents of assistant living communities do not require 24-hour care, but you want to make sure that the employees are able to handle situations that may require assistance. You should also check out the amenities the community offers.  You should inquire about free or low cost meals as well as planned activities such as trips to art galleries and museums.

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Will Medicaid Pay For Assisted Living in Virginia?

Will Medicaid pay for assisted living in Virginia? Yes, it does, but only to some extent. It pays for both short-term rehab and long-term care. With assisted-living facilities, the residents can be assured of a safe and clean environment at a fairly attractive cost. The facilities offered with assisted-living differ greatly, just like the residents living in these centers. Most assisted-living facilities have recreational centers, along with personal and medical assistance to disable and elderly citizens. There would also be dedicated areas for individuals with specific ailments or health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other issues relating to dementia.

What is Assisted-Living?

Assisted-living facility or ALF can be anything from a multi-story building to a small and modest establishment in the neighborhood. ALFs are part of every state in America, with each state having different rules and working methodologies. Some ALFs could be standalone buildings, whereas there could be some that might have apartments in the same building. ALFs are setup to provide long-term care to the elderly and disabled.

Costs Associated

As the services and facilities offered by ALFs vary, the costs associated with different ALFs also vary. A modest private house, with few members onboard may not cost more than $10,000 per year. These inmates would not be physically fit to do their own laundry or even cook their food. Long-term ALF care, on the other hand, has medical professionals on location throughout the day and can cost anywhere close to $50,000 on an annual basis. The average monthly costs for ALF care in America was $1,800 as of 2009.


Medicaid is a healthcare program developed by the combined efforts of the federal and the state governments. It provides financial assistance to disabled and elderly people, who cannot afford to take care of their medical bills. Medicaid might pay for some of the costs incurred in an ALF. However, it does not pay for costs associated with long-term care in an assisted-living facility. Some other medical insurance plans might cover long-term care expenses. In a usual scenario, the family member or the resident would have to manage the costs related to ALF care. This could be very frustrating, especially for families who pay for ALF care, as most senior citizens or disabled people do not have funds to spare for ALF care.


The needs, assets, and income of the ALF resident would determine whether Medicaid would cover the costs for assisted-living facility care and services or not. As there are multiple ALFs in any specific region, visiting them is essential before making a choice. The family member or the resident might have some doubts, which the social worker or administrator working in the ALF center would be able to address appropriately. Courtesy these interactions, the individual would be much clearer about making a decision.

Making a Choice

Before zeroing in on a specific ALF, certain factors and characteristics of the facility must be taken into consideration. Other than the infrastructure, location, costs, resident’s personal preferences, etc. the licensing and the authority of the center to run an ALF should also be looked into. Medical facilities, food, living space, etc. are some of the other aspects to be considered.

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Nursing Homes In Richmond VA

The elderly all over the world are in need of constant care and attention. This is mainly due to their old age. In Richmond Virginia, many nursing homes are providing senior citizens with the best care. These nursing homes are mainly set up to allow seniors live comfortably since some have no one to look after them at home and others prefer coming to these homes to be with other seniors.

The nursing homes in Richmond, VA provide assisted living facilities. These are mainly for the senior citizens that are sickly and in need of round the clock assistance in doing the basic day-to-day activities. Such activities include bathing, help with medication, assistance with dressing, laundry service, assistance during meals and other activities.

These nursing homes also act as retirement homes for the elderly. These homes usually give the elderly a chance having a new home, with new friends and new routines or schedules. Though it might be a little intimidating when seniors are getting into retirement homes for the first time, they need not worry, as these homes are warm, cozy and inviting. This allows seniors to live in a homely environment with their peers and go on with their daily activities, with the close monitoring from the staff as their old age calls for more attention.

One of such nursing homes that provide seniors with the chance of being part of assisted living communities and retirement communities is The Towers. This nursing home in Richmond, VA has several levels of different services.

These are such as

• Level A Service This is a basic plan of living that involves helping seniors with management of their medication, which is usually 5 or less daily, assistance with grooming and dressing as well as escorting them to means and reminding them of other activities during the day.

• Level B Service This is an advanced plan for those seniors that are in need of additional care. This service includes assisting the senior citizens with not only the services provided in the service level A but also assists the seniors with medicine management that includes the more that 6 medications, bathing, toileting, transferring and feeding assistance.

Specialized care for seniors with impaired memory The Towers have a section that is specifically meant to take care of the elderly who have a problem with their memory. They need round the clock attention to ensure that they stay safe.

• Independent living This service is for those seniors that do not need a lot of assistance. It has a maintenance free living, where the seniors get to enjoy living in their own apartments. The activities in this plan include access to emergency care, transportation, recreational facilities, therapy and other facilities. This aims at providing seniors with a chance of having a sense of independence while still under the supervision of the staff in the assistance community.

The Towers also makes sure to provide different floor plans, which are studio plans, one bedroom and two bedrooms. Seniors get to choose the floor plan that is best for their needs. the Two towers is therefore one of the nursing homes in Richmond VA that will offer you as a senior residence the best care and allow you to age gracefully, while staying safe and healthy.

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Retirement Community in Virginia Beach, VA – Bay Lake Assisted Living Facility

Bay Lake Retirement Community in Virginia Beach, Virginia is considered by experts to be one of the most progressively designed senior living residences in the entire country. Bay Lake is located at 4225 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, which is in the Tidewater region of Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay side of the ocean.

Levels of Care

Basic Assisted Living Option includes one of the following – bathing, dressing assistance, medication monitoring and assistance, personal laundry service, assistance to/from meals and activities and incontinence care if needed.

Assisted Living Plan Plus Option includes two or more of the services listed above

Special Needs Program – Includes all of the services listed in the Basic Option but also offers social, recreational and educational programs for individuals with special needs, whether physical or memory impairment.

Floor Plans – Bay Lake offers four different apartments to choose from. Choose from a Studio, a One Bedroom apartment with small living room or a larger One Bedroom apartment with a large living room and full kitchen. For residents with special needs, we offer specialized apartments with bedrooms and bathrooms but without kitchens for safety reasons.

Amenities – Each resident at Bay Lake enjoys the following – 24 hour staffing, three meals every day along with snacks, full housekeeping and linen services so you never have to worry about cleaning again, scheduled transportation to local stores and destinations, organized daily activities, utilities including local telephone and cable television, individual heating and A/C in each apartment, full library with books, newspapers, magazines and computers with internet access, beauty salon and barber shop, and access to a city park directly behind the community.

Living by the beach in a modern retirement community with all of these amenities, what more could you ask for?


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Retirement Community & Assisted Living Facility in Richmond, Virginia

Here at Virginia Retirement Community, we are going to post reviews of retirement communities and assisted living communities all across Virginia. Today, we start off highlighting The Towers in Richmond, Virginia. Formerly known as Beaufont Towers, this assisted living community is located at 7015 Carnation Street, Richmond, VA 23225. They offer four different service levels:

Service Level A – The most basic plan for residents which consists of medical management up to five medications a day, help with dressing, assistance with grooming, escorts to meals and activities as well as daily reminders for upcoming events.

Service Level B – A more advanced plan for residents who need extra care. In addition to all of the services offered in Level A, this consists of complex medication management (6 or more medications), incontinence care, transferring assistance, toileting, bathing, and feeding assistance.

Independent Living - For residents who don’t need as much assistance. This plan offers maintenance-free living (never clean again!), 24 hour access to emergency care, full sized kitchens in your own apartment, scheduled transportation, dynamic activities and recreational activities, all utilities (except telephone & cable television), on-site therapy services and on-site beauty and barber shop. These residents can also choose additional services price a la carte.

Specialty Care for Residents with Impaired Memory – The Towers devotes an entire section of its building for seniors with impaired memory. These residents enjoy all of the benefits of full assisted living but with additional staff supervision and more safety precautions.

Floor Plans – The Towers offers three different apartment options.

Studio – at 410 square feet, the studio is the smallest option available. It offers a bedroom, full bathroom and full kitchen.

One Bedroom - at 650 square feet, offers a full independent bedroom, full living room, bathroom and full kitchen.

Two Bedroom - at 910 square feet, offers two full bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a bigger living room/dining room area as well as a bigger kitchen.

To learn more about The Towers assisted living community in Richmond, Virginia, please check out their official website.

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Virginia Retirement Community – Highlighting Assisted Living & Retirement Communities in Virginia

Virginia Retirement Community – Highlighting Assisted Living & Retirement Communities in Virginia

Welcome to Virginia Retirement Community. We will post the latest reviews and news of retirement communities in Virginia so stay tuned!

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